Development of any project requires specific management for effective and efficient realization of the development goal(s). Project development has been likened to baking bread which requires so many ingredients to be carefully combined in order not to have unpalatable results.

Development process is indeed not limited to the actual construction on site. Just as production process, it starts with conception of ideas and could only be seen as being concluded on eventual delivery to the final beneficiary by way of sales/letting.

It is one thing to establish a project as being viable, of paramount importance is equally the need to guide the investment. This is achievable through Project Management in pursuance of the following objectives.

  • Timely delivery
  • Effective cost control
  • Ensuring quality delivery
  • Minimization of resources drains on site
  • Co-ordination of construction team
  • Management of Risk and Returns trade-off of the project
  • Ensuring optimum returns.