As a property investment and development company, we are deeply involved in project development for the company and for and on behalf of individual and corporate clients.

The primary objective of any investor is to maximize profit which is usually subject to the threat of risk. Void is a risk in real estate investment and can adequately be checked right from the conception stage of any project so as to ensure its economic performance.

Hence, it is not enough to embark on development of project, the risk and returns trade-off needs to be managed effectively. This is the only way to maximize the returns subject to minima risk.

Our approach towards project development thus entails:

  • Identification of the Highest and Best Use of the site against the consideration of its
    “use capacity”
  • Elimination of functional and/or economic obsolescence’s right from design stage.
  • Value Engineering right from design stage
  • An appraisal of the project
  • Processing of approval for the development (including Approval for Change of Use and/or Increase in Density where required)
  • Effective Management of the project; and marketing where applicable.