The primary requirement of all man’s activities is the use of space. Every activity takes place in an environment. Man shapes the environment, but the environment does not only shape man in return, it has tremendous influence on the success or otherwise of man’s activities.
A functionally efficient environment is thus required for the success of what man does. This is achievable through Facility Management, a multidisciplinary exercise that serves to co-ordinate the interface between people, what the people do and where they do it on the basis of three-element model of “people, process and place”. One common practice is to integrate the workers, the work processes and the work place.

The scope of our Facility Management includes among others

  • Real Estate
  • Planning
  • Budgeting & Account Maintenance
  • Space Management
  • Interior Planning
  • Interior Installation
  • Engineering Services; and
  • Building Maintenance and Operations

The objectives are:

  • Prevention of functional and the consequential economic obsolescence
  • Ensuring functionally effective and efficient system
  • Enhances productivity and guarantees performance
  • Ensure improved value and quality resulting from continuous improvement in service and process delivery.

Our watch word is benchmarking as construed and applied in Facility Management