Property Management involves the prudent organization and co-ordination of human and material resources with the aim of achieving defined objectives in real estate investment.

This practice provides a robust base for prompt decision making in the up-keep of property resources including facilities, and harmonizing the interests of both landlord and tenant(s) in the property subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the Lease Agreement.
The essence of our practice is thus, the management of interest in the property to ensure effective use and maximum returns on the investment.

The primary objectives here broadly entail:

  • Ensuring the Quiet Enjoyment of the property by the tenant/lessee
  • Ensuring regularity of cash inflow
  • Ensuring long lifespan of the property
  • Maintaining the property in a state to always command the prevailing rental value; and
  • Generally to undertake Estate Planning

Our services in this area would be as follows:

  • Preparation of detailed inventory of fittings with tenants at the commencement of leases
  • Keeping of property records and register and ensuring that notice to renew or determine leases are taken up at their appropriate dates.
  • Collection of rent and other charges and prompt payment including the submission of annual statement of income and expenditure
  • Dealing with letting and ensuring that all leases, tenancies etc are properly documented and necessary consents obtained.
  • Service Charge Budgeting Collection and Administration
  • Regular inspection of the property to ensure that tenants comply with their repair and maintenance covenants
  • Dealing with rate and ensuring prompt payment by those liable either by contract or by law
  • Arrangement for and supervision of all necessary repair and maintenance works.
  • Advise on the insurance of the property with a view to ensuring that adequate cover is taken from reputable insurance company.
  • Pro-active estate planning: renewal and strategies of obtaining maximum benefits on property portfolio.

With the advent of modern technology, the effective management must be technology-driven if it must conform to the dynamics of the modern business environment. This is what we choose to achieve the full potentials of these valuable assets owned by our clients.