Real Estate Investment is usually capital intensive. The primary objective of every investor is to maximize returns. This however is always subject to the threat of risks and uncertainty which therefore make it extremely important to carryout pre-investment analysis of the proposed investment with a view to providing answers to the questions. “Can it be done?” and “should it be done?”

Decision to invest or otherwise should be based on logical inference drawn from a study of the feasibility and viability of any proposed investment. Of equal importance is also a measure of the likely deviation of the outcome of an investment from the expiation. Our project Appraisal thus involves:

 Test of project possibility
 Test of the project profitability
 Determination of the intensity of development with optimum returns
 Sensitivity Analysis
 Cash flow projection (where applicable/required)

The objectives of this professional service include:

 Providing basis for investment decision
 Resource Allocation
 Performance test
 Guiding investment against sensitive parameters